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[but in the mean time of me trying to fix the game, here are some shots of the legacy house i build over the last couple of days!]

Tried putting in some CC, and my game crashed. D:

Mysteriously all my sims3pack files already were nstalled when I was re-installing the games, though I had deleted them…. 

but yeah, all the package files seem to make my game crash and I tried cleaning it up and it just doesn’t work D: 
I’m gonna try and fix this tomorrow… 

Sigh, I get so tired of constantly having to fix my game…..

Re-installed everything today, 

Hopefully a new legacy will be started this week. 

Generation 1 roll :D
I will start this new legacy tomorrow, if my game will work with me. 
Anyway, more information after the cut.

 Couple &amp; number of children should be clear though.Income: Culinary for the heir, firefighter for the spouse.
Generation Goal: Social Bunny - Once a Sim week (Sunday to Saturday) your sim must either go on a date, or on a group outing. It&#8217;s not required that these outings get a &#8220;great&#8221; rating, or are even liked, what&#8217;s important is that they happen. Try to vary the places you go as well, although that&#8217;s not a requirement.
Fun:  Gourmet - Your sims must cook their favorite meal at least once, as well as the favorite meals of every active member of the household. If you have this goal, you&#8217;re not allowed to change your sim&#8217;s favorite meals (by using the reward for instance). The only exception is for players that have WA and don&#8217;t want to travel. These ones are allowed to reroll until they obtain a meal they can cook in their neighborhood. If you have this goal in generation 1, use the random button to select your sim&#8217;s favorite meal, color and music. If you have pets, every pet meal must be cooked. All meals must be of normal quality or higher.

Generation 1 roll :D

I will start this new legacy tomorrow, if my game will work with me. 

Anyway, more information after the cut.

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Finished the WIP Sim I posted a few days ago.

Not much has changed, because for some reason my sliders won’t work D:

Also built her a house, which I’m pretty damn proud of. I have to decorate lots of it still, but I think I’m gonna use that house as the legacy house.

Still planning to start a new legacy, yes. With that Sim, whose name is Savannah SIlver. 

So yep. That’s basically what’s going on in my Sims game ahahah.

See y’all soon with (hopefully) some new legacy stories!

Birthday! Woo! Today is my birthday! 

Quick picture of a WIP.
Might be a founder for a new legacy :)

Quick picture of a WIP.

Might be a founder for a new legacy :)


Long time no see. D:

Sorry for that, but I’m trying to get back to Simming more often.
And when I tried earlier this week, my game kept crashing so I had to fix that.

Hopefully I managed to fix it last night so I can play the game tomorrow a whole day! :D 

In the mean time, I’ve been watching so many house-builds on youtube that it’s gived me lots of building urges.

But I also wanna create beautiful sims, because with a crashed game, what else will you do besides (kindof) sorting your downloaded files? 

Which resulted into me deleting lots and lots of hair and now I have every hair made by Ctenid. \o/ 

I have been thinking about starting a new Legacy, by the way. The Bowden’s are getting boring for me… So I’m pretty convinced I’ll start a new legacy…

Anyway, I’m gonna go stop this little message and I hope that I’ll keep my word and that I’ll be back with updates soon. 

Much love,

x Rebecca.

I'M SO GLAD YOU THINK HE LOOKS LIKE SHAWN. I'M SO RELIEVED. & it's public so ye download if ya wanna. ;) BUT YES THANK YOU.

Ahahah no thanks! He’s pretty as a Sim :) I saw that yes, I’m definetely downloading him later.


Shawn Milke for alesanasims

I’ve never made a sim based off a real life person/picture, so this was kind of an experiment. /probablyafail

I hope he’s good enoughhhh. 

TOU// you can alter whateva you want on this one, ok. ♥

x Download x 

even though this was not made for me i am screaming ohmyGOD. He looks so much like Shawn and I justnldsalkjdhskjfd.

[at this point i’ll tell you that alesana, which is shawn’s band, is one of my favourite bands so yeah]